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Meeting Summaries:

Habitat Committee

NEFMC Members
  • David Preble (Chair)
  • Doug Grout (Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Alexander
  • Terry Alexander
  • Vincent Balzano
  • Mark Gibson
  • Mary Beth Tooley
  • Matthew McKenzie
  • Lou Chiarella, NMFS
  • MAFMC Member
  • G. Warren Elliott

  • Habitat Advisory Panel
    Richard Bellavance, Jr., No. Kingstown, RI Ben Martens, Topsham, ME
    Gib Brogan, Wayland, MA Christopher McGuire, Falmouth, MA
    Bud Brown, Georgetown, ME Maggie Raymond, So. Berwick, ME
    Beth Casoni, Marshfield, MA Ron Smolowitz, E. Falmouth, MA
    Gregory Cunningham, Portland, ME /Edward Snell, Buxton, ME
    Ben Cowie-Haskell, Scituate, MA Dave Wallace (Chair), Cambridge, MD
    Corrine Endres, Westport, MA John Williamson, Kennebunk, ME

    Habitat Amendment Informational Meetings, August 2013

    Informational Meeting Summary
    Informational package for Habitat/Groundfish Interviews – Aug 6-12, 2013

    Committee, PDT and Council Meeting Information

    February 25-16, 2014 Council Meeting
    Meetings held in 2014

    Meetings held in 2013
    Meetings held in 2012
    Meetings held in 2011
    Meetings held in 2010

    Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2

    Draft documents, notices and comments
    Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 Volume 1: Executive summary, Background and purpose, and Description of the affected environment - February 2014
    Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 Volume 2: EFH and HAPC Designation Alternatives and Environmental Impacts
    Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 Volume 3: Spatial management alternatives, Environmental Impacts of Spatial Management Alternatives, and Cumulative Effects Analysis - February 2014
    Omnibuse Essential Fish Habitat Amenemdnt 2 Volume 4: Compliance with applicable law and references
    Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Amendment 2 Volume 5 (Appendices)
    Appendix A: EFH designation methodologies
    Appendix B: EFH supplementary tables, prey species information, and spawning information
    Appendix C: EFH designation map representations as approved in June 2007, with corrections
    Appendix D: The Swept Area Seabed Impact (SASI) approach: a tool for analyzing the effects of fishing on Essential Fish Habitat
    Appendix E – Synopsis of Closed Area Technical Team analysis of juvenile groundfish habitats and groundfish spawning areas
    Appendix F: Modeling juvenile Atlantic cod and yellowtail flounder abundance on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine using 2-stage generalized additive models

    Presentation given at Maine Fisherman's Forum - March 2012
    June 2012 Draft EFH and HAPC Management Alternatives
    Development of Adverse Effects Minimization Options and Alternatives Presentation
    Federal Register Notices and Public Comment

    Swept Area Seabed Impact Information
    Summary of Swept Area Seabed Impact (SASI) Model
    SASI Peer Review Report

    Essential Fish Habitat Designations
    General Information about EFH designations
    Original Omnibus Amendment (1998)
    NMFS EFH Webpage
    Final rule to the (EFH) provisions of the Magnuson-Stevens Act

    Omnibus Deep-Sea Coral Amendment

    Draft and Final Documents
    June 2012 Draft Deep-sea Coral Management Alternatives
    Development of Deep-sea Coral Managment Alternatives Presentation
    Memorandum of Understanding with MAFMC and SAFMC
    Background Information about deep-sea corals and their habitats

    NOAA Deep-Sea Coral Management and Research
    2012 Deep Sea Research and Technology Program Report to Congress
    2010 Deep Sea Coral Discretionary Provision Guidance
    2010 NOAA Strategic Plan for Deep-Sea Coral and Sponge Ecosystems

    Comment Letters on offshore wind and other projects

    NEFMC Letters of comment on Marine Spatial Planning Issues
    BOEM/offshore wind informtion

    Marine Protected Areas Information

    NEFMC Marine Protected Areas Policy
    NEFMC Marine Protected Areas Workshop Report