Management Status

1. Groundfish Committee Motions

2. Presentation, Groundfish Committee Report, Council staff

3. Framework Adjustment 65/Specifications and Management Measures
a. Draft alternatives for Framework Adjustment 65
b. Groundfish PDT to SSC re OFLs and ABCs for Atlantic halibut based on corrected stock assessment
c. Groundfish PDT to Committee re Atlantic halibut FY2023-FY2025 specifications and draft impacts analysis
d. 2022 Fall Management Track Stock Assessment for Atlantic Halibut, NEFSC, December 2022, corrected
e. Risk Policy Matrix for Atlantic Halibut

4. Recreational Fishery
a. Summary of recent catch and effort for GOM cod, GOM haddock, and GB cod
b. Summary of recent recreational regulations and catch performance for GOM cod, GOM haddock, and GB cod

5. Amendment 23 Review Metrics
a. Draft Amendment 23 Review Metrics Discussion Paper, Groundfish PDT
b. Groundfish PDT to Committee follow-up on possible A23 review metrics

6. Meeting Summaries
a. Recreational Advisory Panel, Jan. 18, draft motions, or meeting summary
b. Groundfish Committee, Jan. 19, draft motions, or meeting summary

7. Presentation, Atlantic Cod Research Track Working Group

8. Correspondence
a. Additional Correspondence

9. SSC Memo on Overfishing and Acceptable Biological Catches for Atlantic Halibut
a. Presentation