A technical and administrative staff based in Newburyport, MA supports the Council’s activities. Led by its Executive Director, the staff is responsible for all aspects of Council operations, including preparing fishery management plans and other documents that reflect the Council’s positions and policies, ensuring program continuity, and the maintenance of records and archives.


Pictured above, the New England Fishery Management Council’s staff. Front row, left to right: Jenny Couture, Angela Forristall, Margaret Bernier, Emily Bodell, Executive Director Cate O’Keefe, Janice Plante, Michelle Bachman, Robin Frede, Joan O’Leary, and Naresh Pradhan. Back row, left to right: David McCarron, Connor Buckley, Jamie Cournane, Jonathon Peros, Rachel Feeney, Deputy Director Chris Kellogg, and Sherie Goutier. Absent: Andrew Applegate and Woneta Cloutier.

Christopher Kellogg

Deputy Director; Technical Staff Coordinator
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 112)

Joan O'Leary

Executive Assistant and Office Manager
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 101)

Woneta Cloutier

Administrative and Financial Assistant
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 100)

Sherie Goutier

Administrative Assistant and Website Administrator
(978) 465-0492 (Ext. 102)

Andrew Applegate

Senior Fishery Analyst for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (lead) and Small-Mesh Multispecies (lead)
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 114)

Michelle Bachman

Fishery Analyst for Habitat, Offshore Wind, Aquaculture, and Climate Change Scenario Planning
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 120)

Emily Bodell

Fishery Specialist for Atlantic Herring, Small-Mesh Multispecies (Whiting), and Protected Resources
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 105)

Connor Buckley

Fishery Specialist for Scallops, Skates, and Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 115)

Dr. Jamie Cournane

Fishery Analyst for Groundfish (lead) and Atlantic Herring (lead)
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 103)

Jennifer Couture

Fishery Specialist for Habitat, Offshore Wind, and Monkfish
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 111)

Dr. Rachel Feeney

Social Impact Analyst; Fishery Analyst for Skates (lead), Monkfish (lead), and Scientific and Statistical Committee
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 110)

Robin Frede

Fishery Analyst for Groundfish and Protected Resources
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 124)

David McCarron

Information Technology and Fishery Analyst for Enforcement, Dogfish, and Protected Resources
(978) 465-0492 (Ext. 121)

Jonathon Peros

Fishery Analyst for Atlantic Sea Scallops (lead) and Risk Policy
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 117)

Dr. Naresh Pradhan

Fishery Analyst, Economist
(978) 465-0492 (ext. 106)