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Don’t forget! If you want to speak during opportunities for public comment, you need to: (1) register for the webinar; and (2) actually “join” the webinar. People who call in by telephone without joining the webinar will be in listen-only mode. Those who take both steps – register and then join the webinar – will see the meeting screen and be able to click on a “raise hand” button, which will let the meeting organizer know you want to be unmuted to speak.

  • Here is the updated Remote Participation Guide” with instructions for how to provide oral comments during the webinar meeting.

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Terms of Reference

1. SSC Planning
1a. 2022 SSC membership
1b. 2022 SSC priorities and timelines
1c. 2022 SSC reviewers and meeting leads (DRAFT)
1d. NEFMC Staff presentation - Updated

2. SSC Roles and Responsibilities
2a. MSA – SSC related sections only, https://media.fisheries.noaa.g...
2b. National Standard 1 Guidelines,
2c. National Standard 2 Guidelines,
2d. NOAA Fisheries Framework for Determining that Stock Status Determinations and Catch Specifications are based on the Best Scientific Information Available, NOAA Procedural Directive 01-101-10, https://media.fisheries.noaa.g...
2e. Procedural Guidance for Changing Assessed Stock Status from Known to Unknown, NOAA Procedural Directive 01-101-11, https://media.fisheries.noaa.g...
2f. NEFMC Operations Handbook - SSC and PDT sections only
2g. Description of the Stock Assessment Process for the New England and Mid-Atlantic Region,

3. NEFMC Risk Policy

4. NEFMC Risk Policy Matrix Template and Example (Atlantic herring)

5. NEFMC “ABC tracker” (DRAFT)

6. NEFMC SSC report template (DRAFT)

7. 2022 State of the Ecosystem (SOE) Report
7a. 2022 SOE Report (DRAFT)
7b. State of the Ecosystem Report 2021: New England. NOAA/NEFSC. Available at: https://repository.library.noa...
7c. SSC Report to NEFMC on 2021 SOE Report
7d. 2022 SOE Request Tracking Memo
7e. NEFSC Staff Presentation