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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting cover memo

2. Meeting agenda

3. RSC meeting summary, January 17, 2018

4. RSC staff presentation slides

5. Future of the RSC
a. RSC-related excerpts of the Council’s Operations Handbook
b. NEFMC Program Review Final Report, May 3, 2018
c. Staff memo re RSC, July 2018
d. RSC worksheet

6. NEFMC Research Priorities and Data Needs for 2017-2021
a. “Word version”
b. DRAFT “spreadsheet version”
c. NEFMC letter to NMFS re research priorities, January 3, 2018
d. CCC letter to NMFS re research priorities, June 5, 2018
e. NMFS response to CCC, June 29, 2018

7. RSA Program Review
a. Draft report outline
b. Presentation slides

8. Management Review
a. Project final report: Early Opening Experimental Fishery for Silver Hake/Whiting in Small Mesh Area I and the Western Raised Footrope Exemption Area, July 2018
b. Presentation slides
c. RSC management review worksheet