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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting memo and agenda

2. Presentation: Council staff

3. Recreational measures for fishing year 2019, NEFSC staff
a. Presentation
b. Discussion document with tables and figures
c. Recreational Advisory Panel recommended model runs for FY2019 measures, NEFSC

4. Draft background document for public listening sessions for a possible limited access program for the recreational party/charter fishery - Revised

5. Meeting Summaries
a. Recreational Advisory Panel meeting summary, Oct. 29, 2018
b. Groundfish Plan Development Team draft meeting summary, Feb. 13, 2019
c. Recreational Advisory Panel meeting motions, Feb. 22, 2019
d. Groundfish Plan Development Team draft meeting summary, Dec. 19, 2018 - Will not be available for the meeting.
e. Groundfish Committee meeting summary, Jan. 15, 2019

6. Correspondence
a. Additional Correspondence

7. Memo from GF CMTE Chair to PDT re Tasking for Amendment 23/Groundfish Monitoring