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Meeting Notice


A.0 Memo from Tom Nies - Terms of Reference for January 10, 2020 SSC meeting
A.0B Memo from Council Chairman, John Quinn regarding the Council’s remand of recommended Groundfish Acceptable Biological Catches (ABCs)

A.1 Please review all relevant groundfish meeting materials from the October 2019 SSC meeting located here:

A.2 Memo from the Executive Director to the SSC on ABC Control Rule Regulations, dated January 3, 2019

A.3 Memo SSC to Council re OFL and ABC recommendations for groundfish stocks for fishing years 2020-2022, Nov. 22, 2019.

A.4 Memo from the Groundfish PDT to SSC re ABCs for GB haddock, GOM haddock, American plaice, and pollock stocks

A.5 Presentation: Groundfish PDT Report (NEFMC staff)

A.6 Correspondence the Council received requesting the remand

a. Associated Fisheries of Maine
b. Sustainable Harvest Sector

B.1 Prepublication NE Groundfish Operational Assessment
B.2 RFP Groundfish Control Rules