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1. Executive Director’s Report – Tom Nies
a. Budget Overview
b. Program Review Update
c. Staff Update
d. Document preparation update – (Document 1C)
e. SOPP Update on Sick Leave (Document 1D)

2. Management Action Timelines – Chris Kellogg (Document 2)

3. Gillnet PR Coordination with MAFMC– Eric Reid

4. Ropeless Gear Interactions with Mobile Gear – Michael Pentony

5. Draft letter on Proposed Hudson Canyon NMS – Tom Nies (Documents 5A, 5B)
a. Draft Letter to NMFS
b. 220706 NMFS to NEFMC correspondence

6. Council Policies for Prevention of Harassment – Tom Nies (Document 6)

7. Planning for 2023 Priorities
a. EBFM – John Pappalardo
b. Facilitated workshop for Groundfish ABC Control Rules – Melanie Griffin, Tom Nies
c. Risk Policy Work Group – Tom Nies (Document 7C)

8. Council Meeting Preparations – Eric Reid, Tom Nies

9. Other business
1. October 2020 letter from the NEFMC to the NEFSC, proposing changes to the management track for scallops and SAMS review
2. October 2022 letter from the NEFMC to the NEFSC suggesting work on the SAMS model prior to the 2023 specifications cycle
3. January 2023 letter from the NEFSC to the NEFMC in response to our October 2022 letter

10. Closed Session – SSC Appointments