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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting Memo

2. Meeting Agenda

3. Summary of March 23, 2017, RSC meeting

4. Research Priorities
a. Council’s Research Priorities and Data Needs for 2017-2021

5. Northeast Cooperative Research Program
a. Cooperative Research in the Northeast: A Strategic Direction for 2010-2014
b. Northeast Fisheries Science Center Strategic Science Plan, 2016-2021
c. Program Review of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Northeast Cooperative Research, September 2016
d. Northeast Cooperative Research Program Review, Northeast Fisheries Science Center Summary and Response, March 2017
e. NEFSC presentation slides
f. Presentation slides, Program Overview (Hoey)
g. Cooperative Research Summary and Response

6. Future of Stock Assessments
a. Implementing a Next Generation Stock Assessment Enterprise: An Update to NOAA Fisheries’ Stock Assessment Improvement Plan – DRAFT document for discussion purposes, presented at June 2017 Council meeting
b. NEFMC letter to NOAA Fisheries, with comments on the Stock Assessment Improvement Plan, June 23, 2017
c. Presentation slides (Gerencer)
d. Video of fish tracking software

7. Management Review
a. RSC-related excerpts of the Council’s Operations Handbook
b. RSC management review worksheet

8. Project: Assessing recreational haddock discard mortality on Jeffrey’s Ledge through an industry-led collaborative mark-recapture tagging program
a. Project final report, January 20, 2017
b. Northeast Consortium’s final technical evaluation criteria
c. NEC technical evaluation #1
d. Project final report as revised, July 2017
e. GIS Map
f. Presentation slides (Bradt)

9. Project: REDNET - A Network to Redevelop a Sustainable Redfish (Sebastes fasciatus) Trawl Fishery in the Gulf of Maine
a. Project draft final report, May 16, 2016
b. NCRP final report review, June 28, 2017
c. Presentation slides (Pol)

10. Project: GEARNET - Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering and Demonstration Network
a. Project final report with appendices, November 2, 2014
b. NCRP final report review
c. Presentation slides (Eayrs)
d. Summary Table