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Meeting Notice - Via Webinar

1. Meeting overview memo from Groundfish Committee Chair and agenda

2. Presentation, Council Staff

3. Framework Adjustment 65
a. Draft alternatives outline
b. GF PDT memo to CMTE re FW63, Aug. 3, 2021
c. GF PDT memo to CMTE re SNE/MA winter flounder other fisheries, Apr. 1, 2022

4. Amendment 23 Review Metrics
a. A23 metrics discussion document outline
b. GF PDT A23 metrics discussion notes

5. Council Research Priorities
a. Presentation: Council Research Priorities update process
b. 2021-2025 Council Research Priorities
c. GF PDT to GF CMTE re Council Research Priorities 2022-2026, May 27, 2022

6. Meeting Summaries
a. Groundfish Plan Development Team, meeting summary, Mar. 9, 2022
b. Groundfish Committee, meeting summary, Mar. 16, 2022
c. Council Meeting, motions, Apr. 12-14, 2022
d. Recreational Advisory Panel, meeting summary, Jun. 1, 2022
e. Groundfish Advisory Panel, meeting summary, Jun. 2, 2022

7. Correspondence

8. Draft Action Plan to Reduce Atlantic Sturgeon Bycatch in Federal Large Mesh Gillnet Fisheries, NOAA Fisheries, May 26, 2022

9. Presentation: MSE Atlantic Cod Assessment and Management, GMRI

10. 2022 Council Groundfish Priorities Outlook by Quarter, NEFMC staff