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Groundfish Discussion Documents

1.Terms of Reference – Groundfish Catch Advice Methods

   1.1 Catch Advice Project – Weidenmann & Jensen
       a. Phase 1 and 2
       b. Phase 3
       c. Phase 4
   1.2 Presentation: Overview of the EDF/UCSB study (Kritzer)
   1.3 NEFSC 2015 Groundfish Operational Assessments Executive Summary 
   1.5 Presentation: Council Staff Report – Application of SSC’s ABC Control Rule for Multispecies Stock (Cournane)
   1.6 Wetzel & Punt Impact of Alternative Rebuilding Strategies for Overfished Stocks (May2016)
   1.7 Benson et. al., An evaluation of Rebuilding Policies for U.S. Fisheries
   1.8 DRAFT Risk Policy Matrix NEFMC, May 2016

Scallop Discussion Documents

2.Terms of Reference Updated DRAFT catch share review guidance 
   2a. Five-year review work plan for the LAGC ITQ program
   2b. Staff presentation on review work plan for the LAGC ITQ program

3. Risk Policy Road Map - DRAFT

Other business

4. Draft NOAA Fisheries Northeast Regional Climate Science Action Plan
   4a. Vulnerability of Fish Stocks to Climate Change
   4b. Atlantic Cod Stock Structure Working Group - NRCC Draft May 2016
      4b1. SSC Work Plan 1 Stuck Structure
      4b2. Cod Workshop Final Report, July 2012
      4b3. Atlantic Cod, ICES Journal, July 2014
      4b4. Atlantic Cod Stock, ICES Journal, March 2014
      4b5. Spatial Population Structure for Definition of Fishery Management Units