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Meeting Notice


Meeting Materials
1. 2016 workload and scallop action timelines
2. Draft discussion document on Flatfish AM areas
3. Presentation by Dr. Liese Siemann on flatfish catch in the CFF GB seasonal bycatch survey
4. Draft discussion document on NGOM management
a. NGOM fishery data updates
5. Background on scallop survey peer-review follow-up
6. Background on modification to access areas post OHA2 final rule

Background Materials
7. Final changes to NS1 guidelines, red line version (see page 18)
8. Methods used to develop SWP AM alternatives, FW25 – Appendix II
9. Testing of scallop dredge bag design for flatfish bycatch reduction (CFF), FW 25 – Appendix III
10. Council Memo on Accountability Measures for GB YT (9/18/16)
11. Memo from Scallop PDT to Groundfish PDT re: Catch of Northern Windowpane Flounder (9/9/16) Scallop Plan Development Team