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Please note this meeting is now a webinar and NOT an in-person meeting.

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  • Here is the “Remote Participation” guide with instructions for how to provide oral comments during the webinar meeting.

Meeting Notice - Revised

1. Meeting/General information
a. Meeting agenda
b. Meeting memo from Skate Committee Chairman, Dr. Matthew McKenzie
c. Skate staff presentation - Updated
d. Timeline of skate work
e. AP Policy – Council Operations Handbook
f. Travel Guidelines – Effective October 1, 2019

2. Wind energy
a. Habitat staff presentation on wind energy updates - Updated

3. 2019 fishery performance and outlook for 2020
a. Updated landings data for FY2019

4. Amendment 5
a. PDT memo on A5 progress - Revised
b. NMFS notice of skate bait control date, July 30, 2009
c. NMFS notice of skate wing control date, March 31, 2014
d. PDT memo on fishery data - Revised
e. DRAFT Amendment 5 Affected Environment, Human Community subsection

5. Research priorities and data needs
a. PDT memo on research priorities and data needs

6. Meeting summaries
a. Skate Advisory Panel meeting summary, October 22, 2019
b. Skate Committee meeting summary, October 22, 2019
c. Skate PDT meeting summary, November 21, 2019
d. Skate PDT meeting summary, February 5, 2020
e. Skate PDT meeting summary, February 24, 2020

7. Correspondence