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Meeting Notice


1. Staff presentation

2. 2020 Specifications & NLS-South-Deep materials
a. Summary of recent research in the NLS-S (Dr. Dave Rudders presentation)
b. NLS-S-deep discussion document

3. RSA Program Review
a. RSA Program Review
b. Program Review presentation (Ms. Deirdre Boelke presentation)
c. Draft Scallop PDT input on Program Review Findings (May 9, 2019)
d. RSA Program Review Findings and Recommendations Table

4. 2020/2021 Scallop RSA
a. Summary of Recent RSA Awards
b. 2019/2020 Scallop RSA award announcements (NEFMC)
c. Input from Scallop PDT – 2020/2021 Research Priorities
d. 2019/2020 Scallop RSA Federal Funding Opportunity
e. 2019 – 2023 Council Research Priorities - Scallop Priorities

5. PDT Meeting Summaries
a. April 4, 2019 Conference Call
b. May 9, 2019 Conference Call

RSA powerpoint presentations will be made available at

Short Reports:

B1: Discard Mortality of Monkfish Following Capture and Handling in the Sea Scallop Dredge Fishery
B2: Measuring Swimming Capacity of Yellowtail and Windowpane Flounders
B3: Development of an Extended Link Apron: A Broad Range Tool for Bycatch Reduction
B4: Optimizing the Georges Bank Scallop Fishery by Maximizing Meat Yield and Minimizing Bycatch
B5: Understanding the Impacts of the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery on Loggerhead Sea Turtles
B6: Developing a Spatially & Temporally Explicit Gonadosomatic Index through the Scallop Observer Program: A Pilot Study
B7: Sea Scallop Larval and Early Juvenile Transport the Along the Northeast Continental Shelf: A Modeling Tool to Enhance Scallop Management of Rotationally Closed Areas
B8: Age Based Assessment in the Sea Scallop Placopecten magellanicus: A pilot study