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Meeting Notice - Revised


Research Priorities

1.1 Staff Presentation
1.2 Draft Research Priorities and Data Needs, 2017-2021

NOAA Stock Assessment Improvement Plan (SAIP) / NMFS Framework for Best Scientific Information available (BSIA)

2.1 Draft Implementing a Next Generation Stock Assessment Enterprise
2.2 BSIA Document
2.3 State of the Ecosystem - Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank


3.1 Mandelman, J. et al., 2016. Determining the post-release mortality rate and “best capture and handling” methods for haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) discarded in Gulf of Maine recreational fisheries, Final Report to the Northeast Consortium, May 31, 2016.
3.2 Addendum to the Final Report by Mandelman et al. 2016, dated May, 2017.
3.3 Technical evaluation of Mandelman et al. 2016, Northeast Consortium.
3.4 Research Steering Committee meeting summary, March 23, 2017
3.5 SSC Response, Georges Bank Yellowtail Flounder, Sept. 2015
3.6 SSC Response, Georges Bank Yellowtail Flounder, Aug. 2016
3.7 Presentation: Determining the post‐release mortality rate and best capture and handling methods for haddock discarded in Gulf of Maine recreational fisheries (Mandelman)”

Herring Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE)

4.1 Staff Presentation
4.2 MSE Process
4.3 Technical Details of the MSE
4.4 MSE Workshop Summary, May 2016
4.5 Herring PDT, AP and CTE MSE Recommendations
4.6 MSE Workshop Summary, December 2016
4.7 Final Peer Review Report