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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting Agenda

2. Monitoring and catch accounting
a. Discussion Document
b. Letter to Regional Office re: real-time IFQ quota transfers
c. Letter to Regional Office re: scallop fishery enforcement (if available)

3. Standard default measures discussion document

RSA projects: See April 26, 2018 PDT Meeting Materials

4. PDT Meeting Summary – April 26, 2018

5. 2018 – 2019 Scallop RSA text with PDT edits

6. Summary of Recent Scallop RSA awards

Monitoring and Catch Accounting

B1a. Update on gray meats research presented at SAW 65 from Susan Ingalls.

B1 Observations on a re-emerging epizootic of the sea scallop, Placopectenmagellanicus, resource: Population level impacts and implications for the fishery

B2 Estimates of sea scallop incidental mortality from AUV-based BACI surveys

B3 Determining incidental mortality of Atlantic sea scallops in the dredge fishery

B4 Preliminary analysis of gray meat distribution on Georges Bank

B5 Scallop growth in archive specimens (1982-1999) and 2017 Nantucket Lightship survey

B6 Observations on Atypical Growth: Rare Events or the New Normal?

B7 Updated tow duration analysis

B8 Updated VIMS growth work

B9 Updated discard mortality work

B10 Factors influencing scallop landings per unit effort (LPUE)