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A.0 Terms of Reference
A1. Management Track Peer Review Panel Reports for Silver and Red Hake stocks, DRAFT (September 2020)
A2. Research Track Peer Review Panel Report for red hake stocks (March 2020).
A3. Supplemental Information: Stock Assessment Support Information (SASINF)
A4. Background: Draft SAFE Report for Fishing Year 2019 
A5. Background: SSC review of the small-mesh multispecies MSY proxy reference points.
A6. Background: Amendment 19 (established the small-mesh multispecies specification procedures).
A7. Background: DRAFT Framework Adjustment 62 (initiates a rebuilding plan for southern red hake).
A8. Background: NEFMC Risk Policy Roadmap.
A9. Background: Description of Plan B Smooth Approach
A10. Background: State of the Ecosystem and Current Conditions. NOAA/NEFSC. Available at:
A11. Presentation: Whiting PDT Report and recommendations for OFL and ABC (NEFMC staff)
A12 a. Presentation: Summary of Northerrn silver hake assessments, with estimates for OFL and ABC (Dr. Alade)
A12.b Presentation: Summary of Southern Whiting assessment
A13. Presentation: Summary of red hake assessments (Ms.Chute)
A14. Presentation: Options for setting red hake OFL with different applications of Plan B smooth (NEFMC staff)
A15. Presentation: Estimation of scientific uncertainty for red hake OFL estimates and application for setting ABC (Dr. Alade)