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Meeting Notice


  1. Tasking memo from Committee Chair, Peter Kendall
  2. Staff presentation on Amendment 8
  3. Draft Amendment 8 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Range of Alternatives, November 2017
  4. Draft Amendment 8 EIS, Affected Environment and Draft Impacts, November 2017
  5. Herring PDT meeting summary, October 24, 2017
  6. Amendment 8 Appendices relative to localized depletion
    6a. Supplemental PDT analyses relative to localized depletion based on tasking from the Herring Committee
    6b.Technical details of PDT analysis of fishery overlap in the herring fishery and predator fisheries
    6c. Summary of localized depletion references and review of similar work from other regions
  7. PDT Memo on Research Set-aside research priorities
  8. Correspondence