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1. Executive Director’s Report – Tom Nies
a. Budget Overview 
b. Program Review Update 

2. Management Action Timelines – Chris Kellogg 

3. Initial 2021 Priorities Discussion – Tom Nies
a. 2021 Possible Priorities
b. Executive Order 13921 on Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Econmic Growth
c. Executive Order 13921 Letter to Councils

4. COVID -19 Response Planning
GARFO/NEFSC Operations Update (Emergency Action Requests Update)

5. Impact of data shortfalls on 2021 specifications process – Dr. Hare

6. RSA Program Review
a. Scallop Survey Panel Update – Dr. Hare/ Dr. Simpkins
b. RSA Program Review Implementation Team – Tom Nies

7. Fishery Data for Stock Assessment Working Group Update – Dr. Hare, Terry Alexander
a. Apr. 29, 2020 NEFMC to NEFSC re Working Group Report
b. Jun. 24, 2020 NEFSC to NEFMC re Response to Working Group Report

8. Spiny Dogfish Management – Tom Nies 
a. Sep. 28, 2018 NEFMS to MAFMC re dogfish trip limits
b. December 2018 NEFMC Actions
c. Dec. 3 2019 Press Release, Skates, Herring, Dogfish, EBFM

9. Council Meeting Preparations – Dr. John Quinn, Tom Nies

10. Other Business