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Meeting Notice

Meeting Materials:
1. Meeting Information
a. Meeting Agenda
b. Meeting Memo from Committee Chair, Ms. Melanie Griffin
c. Staff Presentations
i. Council Staff
ii. Dr. Dvora Hart

2. Scoping for Limited Access Leasing
a. Scoping summary report
b. Scoping meeting summaries
c. Full list of written comments
d. Scoping document

3. Framework 36
a. 2022 Scallop Survey Biomass Estimates
b. Preliminary – Projections of exploitable biomass 2023 (circulated when available)
c. Fishery Performance Report - Scallop landings grades and LPUE
d. Framework 36 draft affected environment

4. Scallop Priorities
a. 2023 Management Priorities, Memo from Tom Nies to Executive Committee
b. Scallop Work Priorities Discussion Document
c. Memo to Scallop Committee re: possible objectives and performance metrics for MSE

5. PDT Meeting Summaries
a. Summary of Recent PDT meetings (August – September)
b. Summary of August 10, 2022 PDT meeting

6. Correspondence
a. NEFMC to NEFSC re RSA - 2023-2024, July 1, 2022

Background Materials:
7. Survey Short Reports:
a. VIMS dredge
b. SMAST drop camera
i. Georges Bank
ii. Gulf of Maine
c. Coonamessett Farm Foundation HabCam
i. HabCam
ii. Dredge
8. Survey Group Presentations from Recent PDT Meetings
a. VIMS dredge
b. SMAST drop camera
c. CFF HabCam, including predator data
d. NEFSC HabCam and Dredge
e. 2021 & 2022 VMS activity (GARFO & Council Staff)
9. All materials from August 31, 2022 and September 1, 2022 Scallop PDT meeting (link to Council