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Meeting Notice

1. Meeting Information
a. Meeting Agenda
b. Meeting Memo from Committee Chair, Ms. Melanie Griffin
c. Staff Presentations
i. Council Staff – Framework 38
ii. Council Staff – Northern Edge
iii. Council Staff – Work Priorities

2. Framework 38
a. 2023 Scallop Survey Biomass Estimates
b. Preliminary – Projections of exploitable biomass 2023
c. Fishery Performance Report - Scallop landings grades and LPUE

3. Northern Edge
a. PDT Memo to Committee Re: Northern Edge Tasking

4. Scallop Priorities
a. 2023 Management Priorities, Memo from Dr. Cate O’Keefe to Executive Committee
b. Scallop Work Priorities

5. PDT Meeting Summaries
a. Draft summary of Recent PDT meetings (August – September)
b. Summary of July 25, 2023 PDT meeting
c. Motions from June 14 & 15, 2023 Scallop AP and Committee Meeting

6. Correspondence

Background Materials:

7. Survey Short Reports:
a. VIMS dredge
i. VIMS Short Report Part 1 Estimates and Survey Areas
ii. VIMS Short Report Part 2 Length Frequencies from Dredge Survey
iii. VIMS Short Report Part 3 Sensitivity Analyses and Special Comments

b. SMAST drop camera
i. Georges Bank
ii. Gulf of Maine

c. Coonamessett Farm Foundation HabCam
d. NEFSC - HabCam

8. Survey Group Presentations from Recent PDT Meetings
a. VIMS dredge
i. VIMS Additional information
b. SMAST drop camera
c. CFF HabCam
e. 2022 & 2023 VMS activity (GARFO & Council Staff)

9. Link to materials from August 30 and 31, 2023 Scallop PDT meeting

10. Northern Edge
a. Habitat PDT White Paper
b. Habitat Committee Meeting Materials – August 24, 2023

11. Scallop Research Set-Aside
a. 2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity
b. Link to program page on
c. Council press release re: 2024 Priorities and regional surveys.

12. Scallop Survey Working Group
a. Appendix 2 – Survey Guiding Principles
b. NMFS Letter to NEFMC re: Survey Working Group Recommendations
c. NEFMC to NEFSC and GARFO re: Scallop Survey Working Group

13. Georges Bank Yellowtail Flounder Catch Advice – Link to SSC meeting materials