Management Status

Draft Omnibus EFH Amendment 2 Environmental Impact Statement. This document is divided into volumes as follows:

#1 Volume 1 – Executive summary, need and purpose; goals and objectives, management background; affected environment

#2 Volume 2 – Essential Fish Habitat and Habitat Area of Particular Concern designation alternatives; preliminary impacts analysis of the EFH and HAPC alternatives

#3 Volume 3 – Spatial management alternatives to designate habitat management areas, spawning management areas, and dedicated habitat research areas; impacts analysis of the spatial management alternatives

#3a Habitat Document 3 Errata

#4 Volume 4 – Cumulative effects, compliance with applicable law, references (much of this volume will be drafted after the Council meeting for initial GARFO submission, or for the FEIS)

#5 Volume 5 – Appendices

#6 Decision document

#7 Correspondence

#7a Additional Correspondence

#8 Staff Presentation: Omnibus Essential Fish Habitat Draft Amendment 2

Correspondence Received at Council Meeting