One purpose of the Council’s Essential Fish Habitat and Habitat Area of Particular Concern designations is to serve as a tool that can be used by the Council, and, especially, by NMFS when they engage in the EFH consultation process. The EFH consultation process is defined by federal regulations as a responsibility of the National Marine Fisheries Service (Title 50, Part 600, Subpart K), and is triggered when a Federal agency (including NOAA) proposes an activity that may adversely affect designated EFH. After reviewing the planned activity, NMFS may make EFH conservation recommendations to the Federal agency, and the agency must provide a written response. Permitting agencies are not required to comply with these recommendations, but in most cases adverse effects on EFH are mitigated or avoided as a result of NMFS consultations. Recent EFH consultation letters relevant to species managed by the Council are provided below.

Boston Harbor Re-development
Mashpee MA Comp Dredging
Milford CT Harbor Dredging
Hull MA Revetment
Sanctuary Programmatic EA
Little Egg Inlet NJ Sand Borrow
Fire Island to Montauk Reformulation
Cumberland City NJ Tide Gate
NY Wind Energy Area EA
Chatham Harbor, Federal Navigation Project
Programmatic Consult for General Permits
Chatham MA Dredging Permit
Eastern Long Island Sound Disposal Site
Essex CT Marina Construction
Avalon NJ Access Road Maintenance
Cape Cod Canal Test Site
Provincetown Pier Modification
Provincetown Pier Modification II
Deepwater Wind Site Assessment Plan
Gosnold, MA Pier Modification
Fire Island to Montauk NY Reformulation
Scituate MA Beach Nourishment
Edgartown MA Beach Nourishment
Rockaway Beach-Jamaica Bay NY Reformulation