This research track will address bluefish. Research track assessments evaluate new datasets that can either inform or be used in new or existing stock assessment models. Our goal is to develop an improved stock assessment for bluefish that can be used for future management track assessments.

Kickoff Meeting: July 29, 2021

Working Group Members

  • Mike Celestino (chair) - NJDFW
  • Tony Wood - NEFSC
  • Matthew Seeley - MAFMC
  • Katie Drew - ASMFC
  • Abigail Tyrell - NEFSC
  • Jessica Valenti - NEFSC/Rutgers
  • Samantha Werner - NEFSC

Dates, times, agendas, and other information for all future meetings will be posted on the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s webpage titled Research Track Working Group: 2022 Improving Assessments for Bluefish.