This research track will address Atlantic cod. Research track assessments evaluate new datasets that can either inform or be used in new or existing stock assessment models. The goal is to develop an improved stock assessment for Atlantic cod that can be used for future management track assessments.

The peer review meeting for the 2023 Atlantic Cod Research Track Assessment will be held July 31-August, 2023.

Kickoff Meeting: Friday, November 12, 2021

Working Group Members

  • Lisa Kerr (GMRI) – Chair
  • Charles Perretti (NEFSC)
  • Kathy Sosebee (NEFSC)
  • Jamie Cournane (NEFMC)
  • Irene Andrushchenko (DFO)
  • Scott Large (NEFSC)
  • Rich McBride (NEFSC)
  • Alex Hansell (NEFSC)
  • Rajeev Kumar (DFO)
  • Micah Dean (MADMF)
  • Steve Cadrin (SMAST)
  • Kathy Cooper-MacDonald (DFO)

Meeting dates, times, agendas, and other information for all future meetings will be posted on the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s webpage titled Research Track Working Group: 2023 Improving Assessments for Atlantic Cod.