This research track will address winter flounder. Research track assessments evaluate new datasets that can either inform or be used in new or existing stock assessment models. The goal is to develop an improved stock assessment for winter flounder that can be used for future management track assessments. This stock will be peer reviewed in the Fall of 2026.

Working Group Members

Adrian Jordaan (UMass) - Chair

Alex Hansell (NEFSC) - Assessment Lead

Paul Nitschke (NEFSC) - Assessment Lead

Tony Wood (NEFSC) - Assessment Lead

Andrew Applegate (NEFMC)

Richard Balouskus (RIDEM)

Rich Bell (URI)

Steve Cadrin (SMAST)

Tara Dolan (MADMF)

Lisa Kerr (UMaine)

Katrina Smith (UMass)

Visit the Winter Founder Research Track Working Group webpage for more information.