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The amendments describe and identify EFH for the specified fisheries, discuss measures to address the effects of fishing on EFH, and identify other actions for the conservation and enhancement of EFH. Atlantic Salmon Amendment 1 also discusses a definition for overfishing and establishes an aquaculture framework adjustment process for Atlantic salmon.

NMFS announces that the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) has approved Amendment 11 to the Northeast Multispecies FMP, Amendment 9 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop FMP, and Amendment 1 to the Atlantic Salmon FMP. These amendments were prepared by the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) to implement the requirements of section 303(a)(7) of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (Magnuson-Stevens Act). The amendments are included in an omnibus amendment that also includes Amendment 1 to the Monkfish FMP prepared jointly by NEFMC and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC). Because of additional time required for coordination with MAFMC, the monkfish FMP amendment is being considered for Secretarial approval in a separate action. Finally, the omnibus amendment includes the EFH components of the Atlantic Herring FMP that are being developed by the NEFMC. The EFH information for Atlantic Herring will be incorporated by reference into the Atlantic Herring FMP when that FMP is submitted for Secretarial approval.

Final Rule

Final Rule – Atlantic Salmon Amendment 1