This action proposes adjustments to the current groundfish monitoring program to improve the reliability and accountability of catch reporting in the commercial groundfish fishery to ensure there is precise and accurate representation of catch (landings and discards).

* UPDATE: The Amendment 23 deadline for public comment has been EXTENDED to August 31, 2020.

Public Hearings and Public Comments

Amendment 23 Public Hearing Document - Updated, August 26, 2020

Amendment 23 Public Hearing Presentation - Updated, July 14, 2020

Draft Amendment 23 Executive Summary
The Draft Amendment 23 Executive Summary provides additional information summarizing expected impacts of alternatives.

Summary of all Amendment 23 DEIS Comments

Hearing Summaries for all Public Hearings, April 15- August 26, 2020

Written Comments for Amendment 23 DEIS, received by August 31 deadline


Amendment 23 Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS) – Formal Submission - March 4, 2020

DEIS Appendices

Appendix I - Summary of Public Scoping Comments
Appendix II – Fishery Data for Stock Assessment Working Group Report and SSC Sub-Panel Peer Review Report
Appendix III – Groundfish Plan Development Team Dockside Monitoring Discussion Paper
Appendix IV – Electronic Monitoring Programs in the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery
Appendix V – Groundfish Plan Development Team Groundfish Monitoring Analyses and SSC Sub-Panel Peer Review Report
Appendix VI – Cost Efficiency Analysis of Fisheries Monitoring for Catch Accounting in the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery
Appendix VII – At-Sea Monitoring Costs under Government Subsidies and Private Contracts in the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery

Additional Analyses and Relevant Background Materials

Letter from GARFO to NEFMC – approval of audit model EM and video review rates – November 26, 2019

Letter from NEFSC to NEFMC - vessel observer coverage levels – November 22, 2019

PDT memo - Vessel specific coverage levels – November 19, 2019

PDT Memo - Uncertainties in current groundfish monitoring program; review of international monitoring programs; OLE discussion on Dockside Monitoring – May 3, 2018

PDT Memo - Summary of completed and planned analyses – April 6, 2018


1. Scoping Meeting Notice
2. Scoping Document
3. Staff Presentation