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This amendment brings the FMP into compliance with new Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) requirements by: revising definitions and the specifications-setting process consistent with annual catch limit (ACL) requirements; and establishing fishery closure thresholds, a haddock incidental catch cap, and overage paybacks as accountability measures (AMs). In addition, the amendment: designates herring as a ‘‘stock in the fishery;’’ establishes an interim acceptable biological catch (ABC) control rule; and makes adjustments to the specification process by eliminating consideration of total foreign processing (JVPt), including joint venture processing (JVP) and internal waters processing (IWP). It also eliminates reserve from the specifications process and eliminates the Council’s consideration of total allowable level of foreign fishing (TALFF).

Final Rule, Published March 2, 2011, Effective, April 1, 2011