In September 2021, the Council discontinued work on this action. Through Amendment 5, the Council considered establishing limited access in the skate wing and/or bait fisheries and other measures that may prevent the triggering of incidental skate possession limits, improve the precision and accuracy of catch data, and better define skate fishery participants.

Concurrently in September, the Council initiated Framework Adjustment 9 to address the last two items remaining in the amendment:  (a) clarification of the objectives of the Northeast Skate Complex FMP; and (b) issues related to skate permitting.

Withdrawal of Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for Skate Amendment 5 – November 17, 2021

Amendment 5 Discussion Document
Amendment 5 Discussion Document, updated September 2021

Amendment 5 Scoping Information

Summary of Initial and Supplemental Scoping Comments

Amendment 5 Supplemental Scoping Period (January-February, 2021)

Amendment 5 Supplemental Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and Scoping Process – Comment by February 12, 2021
Supplemental Scoping Document
Supplemental Scoping Oral Comments
Supplemental Scoping Written Comments
Amendment 5 Initial Scoping Period (January-February, 2017)
Initial Scoping Document
Initial Scoping Oral Comments 
Initial Scoping Written Comments
Summary of Initial Scoping Comments