Amendment 8 (A8) Action Plan, Version 8

DRAFT A8 Introduction and Alternatives

DRAFT A8 Affected Environment and Analyses of Measures to Address Potential LD and User Conflicts

DRAFT A8 Analyses of ABC CR Alternatives

Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE)
Overview of Herring MSE Process
Workshop #1 - May, 2016
Summary of Workshop #1
MSE Workshop #2 - December, 2016
Summary of Workshop #2
MSE Peer Review - March, 2017
Summary of Peer Review

Summary of all Amendment 8 Scoping Comments

Initial Scoping Period (March-April 2015)
Amendment 8 Initial Scoping Document
Initial Scoping Oral Comments
Initial Scoping Written Comments
PEW Environment Group Form Letter
Earth Justice Form Letter
Ocean River Institute Form Letter
All other written comments
Comments received after the deadline

Supplemental Scoping Period (August-September 2015)
Supplemental Notice of Intent
Supplemental Scoping Oral Comments
Supplemental Scoping Written Comments

EBFM Input on ABC Control Rules
EBFM PDT scientific advice on herring control rules that account for forage requirements and the role of Atlantic herring in the ecosystem