Management Status

1. Presentation: Recommended approaches for deriving catch advice, managing overfished stocks and spatial management strategies.

2. Discussion document: Strategies for deriving catch advice for stock complexes and allocations to fishery functional groups (i.e. ‘fisheries’)

3. Discussion document: Management options for an overfished stock that is managed as part of a stock complex

4. Discussion document: Spatial management strategies and ecosystem research to conserve habitat, spawning, and protected species in an ecosystem plan

5. Presentation: eFEP Permit and allocation approaches

6. Draft Permit and allocation options discussion document

7. April 4, 2019 EBFM Committee meeting summary, focusing on permitting approaches

8. EBFM task list for developing eFEP components

9. Short Draft: Example Fishery Ecosystem Plan for Georges Bank

10. Example species complexes and functional groups

11. Correspondence