Management Status

1. Groundfish Committee meeting motions for the Council meeting

2. Presentation: Council staff

3. Amendment 23/Groundfish Monitoring
a. Memo from Committee Chair to PDT re A23
b. Memo from PDT to Committee re updated A23 draft alternatives
c. Draft Amendment 23 alternatives- (dated April 4, 2019)

4. Gear Standards Policy – background documents: current policy and past correspondence

5. Meeting Summaries
a. Groundfish Plan Development Team meeting summary, Feb. 13, 2019
b. Groundfish Plan Development Team meeting summary, Mar. 19, 2019
c. Groundfish Advisory Panel meeting motions, Apr. 1, 2019
d. Groundfish Committee meeting motions, Apr. 2, 2019
e. Groundfish Plan Development Team draft meeting summary, Apr. 3, 2019

6. Presentation: Groundfish Catch Share Review

7. Correspondence
7a. Additional Correspondence