Management Status

1. Offshore Wind Special Session Presentations
a. Section I
b. Section II
c. Section III
d. Section IV

2. Offshore Wind Special Session Documents
a. Detailed agenda for this session
b. Handout – participants in the offshore wind development process
c. MOU between NOAA, BOEM, and RODA
d. Executive Order 13807
e. Secretarial Order 3355
f. NOAA comments on Vineyard Wind DEIS
g. NOAA request for information to support EFH, ESA consultations on Vineyard Wind project
h. Federal Register notice for Port Access Route Study: The Areas Offshore of Massachusetts and Rhode Island
i. Federal Register notice for Atlantic Coast Port Access Route Study: Port Approaches and International Entry and Departure Transit Areas
j. Vineyard Wind Fishermen Scoping Workshops Report
k. NOAA research planning document, survey section
l. ROSA charter

3. Correspondence