Management Status

1. Presentations
a. Northern Edge Habitat-Scallop Framework – Concept Area Analysis
b. Essential Fish Habitat Review Including SSC Sub-Panel Input, EFH workshop
c. Offshore Wind Developer Updates
d. Avangrid Update - Revised
e. Orsted Revolution Wind Update
f. SouthCoast Wind Update
1g. Vineyard Wind Update

2. Meeting summaries
a. Habitat PDT – February 21, 2024
b. Habitat PDT – March 6, 2024
c. Habitat AP – March 26, 2024
d. Habitat and Scallop CTE – March 27, 2024

3. Memo, Habitat and Scallop PDTs to Habitat and Scallop Committees

4. Correspondence
a. Additional Correspondence

Other Relative Information
Joint SSC subpanel memo re EFH review, November 13, 2023