Management Status

1. Groundfish Committee Motions
2. Presentation, Council staff

3. Framework Adjustment 65/Specifications and Management Measures
a. Draft alternatives
b. Draft biological impacts analysis
c. Draft economic impacts analysis
c2. Part 2 - Draft economic impacts quota change model results
d. Groundfish PDT memos to the SSC (combined), including: (1) GB and GOM cod, (2) GOM cod rebuilding, (3) additional relevant information on GB cod, (4) SNE/MA winter flounder, (5) GB yellowtail flounder, 6) witch flounder, ocean pout, and wolffish, (7) seven groundfish stocks, and (8) three groundfish stocks
e. Groundfish PDT memos to the Committee, including: (1) EGB haddock, (2) GB haddock and MWT sub-ACL, (3) GB cod recreational catch target options, (4) sub-component analysis, (5) Atlantic halibut, (6) follow-up on draft alternatives for FW65 - Updated
f. Risk policy matrices for groundfish stocks (combined)
g. Updated recreational catch and effort for cod and haddock, NEFSC
h. TMGC Guidance Document
i. Decision Document FW65

4. Meeting Summaries
a. Groundfish Advisory Panel, Nov. 8, final
b. Recreational Advisory Panel, Nov.14, final
c. Groundfish Committee, Nov. 22, final
d. Recreational Advisory Panel, Dec. 1, draft motions
e. Groundfish Advisory Panel, Dec. 1, final motions
f. Groundfish Committee, Dec. 2, final motions

5. FY2021 Year-End Multispecies (Groundfish) Catch Report, GARFO
6. Groundfish PDT to Committee re Atlantic Cod – Possible Recreational Allocation Approaches, DRAFT
7. Correspondence
a. Additional Correspondence