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Framework Adjustment 1 was developed to adjust the possession limits for the skate wing fishery in order to slow the rate of skate wing landings, so that the available Total Allowable Landings limit (TAL) is taken by the fishery over a longer duration in the fishing year (FY) than occurred in FY 2010, thus ensuring a steady market supply.

The action would also allow vessels that process skate wings at sea to land skate carcasses for sale into the bait market, without counting the carcass landings against the TAL (skate wings are already converted to live weight for monitoring). Although recommended by the Council as part of Framework 1, this final rule announces that NMFS has disapproved a proposal to increase the incidental possession limit for skate wings that would apply after the skate wing possession limit trigger is reached. This final rule does not adjust the skate fishery specifications for FY 2011.

Final Rule