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Framework 43 addresses the incidental catch of NE multispecies by vessels fishing for Atlantic herring by establishing a Herring Exempted Fishery.

Vessels issued a Category 1 Atlantic herring fishing permit (Category 1 vessels) are authorized to possess incidentally caught haddock until the catch of haddock reaches the level specified as an incidental haddock catch cap; upon attainment of the haddock catch cap, all herring vessels are limited to 2,000 lb (907 kg) of herring per trip, if any of the herring on board was caught within the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank (GOM/GB) Herring Exemption Area defined in Framework 43. Herring Category 1 vessels are also authorized to possess up to 100 pounds (45 kg) of other regulated multispecies (cod, witch flounder, plaice, yellowtail flounder, pollock, winter flounder, windowpane flounder, redfish, and white hake), and are required to provide advance notification of their intent to land for purposes of enforcement. Atlantic herring processors and dealers that sort herring catches as part of their operations are required to cull and report all haddock.

Final Rule