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Implements specifications for the FMP for fishing years (FY) 2010–2012. FW 44 is implemented in this rule in conjunction with approved Amendment 16 measures, as well as with approved sector operations plans authorized under the FMP.

Specifically, FW 44 modifies the Gulf of Maine (GOM) cod and pollock trip limits implemented in Amendment 16; provides the Administrator, Northeast Region, NMFS (Regional Administrator) authority to implement in-season trip limits and/or differential day-at-sea (DAS) counting for any groundfish stock in order to prevent catch from exceeding the Annual Catch Limit (ACL); and specifies Overfishing Levels (OFLs), Acceptable Biological Catch levels (ABCs), and ACLs for all 20 groundfish stocks in the FMP for FY 2010 through 2012, as well as the Total Allowable Catches (TACs) for transboundary Georges Bank (GB) stocks. Pursuant to current Regional Administrator authority under the FMP, this action also allocates zero trips to the Closed Area II (CA II) Yellowtail Flounder Special Access Program (SAP); limits the Eastern U.S./Canada Haddock SAP to the use of Category A DAS for common pool vessels; delays the opening of the Eastern U.S./Canada
Area for trawl vessels; and implements a GB yellowtail flounder trip limit of 2,500 lb (1,125 kg). Finally, this rule makes technical corrections to Amendment 16 regulations.

Final Rule