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Framework 46 increases the haddock incidental catch cap allocated to the Atlantic midwater trawl herring fishery to 1 percent of the Georges Bank (GB) haddock Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) and to 1 percent of the Gulf of Maine (GOM) haddock ABC, thereby, adjusting final fishing year (FY) 2011 specifications for the other fishery components of these ABCs.

This action modifies the method for estimating haddock catch in the herring fishery and the relevant accountability measures (AMs) such that, upon attainment of the cap, the midwater trawl herring fleet may not catch or land herring in excess of the incidental catch limit (2,000 lb (907.2 kg) in or from the appropriate haddock stock area. In addition, in this action NMFS disapproves measures in FW 46 that would have required open access herring vessels using midwater trawl gear to report total kept catch, and notify the Office of Law Enforcement, prior to landing. NMFS also disapproves a measure to require all midwater trawl vessels to report gear used on each trip into the Gulf of Maine or Georges Bank.

Final Rule