This action sets 2020 TACs for U.S./Canada stocks on Georges Bank, implements 2020-2022 specifications for 15 groundfish stocks, adjusts commercial/recreational allocations based on new data from the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), and revises the Georges Bank cod incidental catch TAC to remove the allocation to the Closed Area I Hook Gear Haddock Special Access Program.

Final Rule - July 30, 2020

Framework Adjustment 59 Proposed Rule – Comment by June 15, 2020

Framework Adjustment 59 – Final Submission, April 10, 2020, UPDATED

Appendix I: SSC recommendations – FY2020 – FY2022
Appendix II: Calculation of ACLs – FY 2020 – FY 2022
Appendix III: ABC Projection Output
Appendix IV: Summary of SSC constant ABCs for Groundfish Stocks – 2007 – 2020
Appendix V: Analysis of groundfish bycatch in other fisheries with groundfish sub-ACLs