This framework sets: (1) 2021 total allowable catches for U.S./Canada stocks on Georges Bank; (2) 2021-2023 specifications for roughly half of the groundfish stocks; (3) white hake rebuilding measures; and (4) a universal sector exemption to allow fishing for redfish.

Framework 61 Correction to Boundaries of Redfish Exemption Area and Redfish Exemption Area Seasonal Closure II – February 17, 2022

Framework Adjustment 61 Final Rule - July 28, 2021

Framework Adjustment 61 Proposed Rule – Comment by July 9, 2021

Framework Adjustment 61 - Final Submission – June 14, 2021

Appendix I SSC Reports

Appendix II Calculation of ACLs

Appendix III White Hake Rebuilding

Appendix IV Redfish Exemption Methods

Appendix V ABC Projections

Appendix VI Groundfish Bycatch