Framework Adjustment 63 sets: specification and measures to (1) set FY2022 total allowable catches for US/Canada management units of Eastern GB cod and Eastern GB haddock, and FY2022-FY2023 specifications for the GB yellowtail flounder stock, (2) set FY2022 specifications for GB cod and FY2022-FY2024 specifications Gulf of Maine (GOM) cod, (3) adjust FY2022 specifications for white hake based on the new rebuilding plan, (4) revise the current default specifications process, and (5) modify recreational fishery management measures to promote GB cod stock rebuilding.

Framework 63 Final Rule - July 15, 2022

Framework 63 Proposed Rule – Comment by May 5, 2022

Framework 63 Final Submission - March 28, 2022

Framework 63 Appendix 1, SSC Reports

Framework 63 Appendix II, Calculation of ACL's

Framework 63 Appendix III, ABC Projections