Management Status

1. Staff presentation

2. Coral amendment materials
a. Draft Deep-Sea Coral Amendment
b. Public comments received through June 5, 2017
b1. Public comments received after deadline
c. Public comments summary (covers hearings and written comments)
d. Coral Amendment decision worksheet
e. Memo from Habitat PDT to Habitat Committee: Analysis of potential coral amendment alternative and other information pertinent to final action

3. Oil/gas exploration and monument materials
a. Executive Order 13795 of April 28, 2017, Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy
b. Secretarial Order 3350, America First Offshore Energy Strategy
c. Executive Order 13792 of April 26, 2017, Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act
d. Review of monuments; notice of opportunity for public comment
e. Draft letter, offshore energy issue
f. Draft letter, monument issue
g. Draft letter, proposed National Marine Sanctuary in Hudson Canyon

4. Meeting summaries
a. DRAFT Habitat Committee, May 30, 2017

5. Correspondence
a. Additional Correspondence