HMS Advisory Panel

13a.1 2021 Spring Atlantic HMS Advisory Panel Overview
13a.2 Restricted Fishing Days, Proposed Rule, 2021 HMS Fisheries
13a.3 Amendment 13 Presentation
13a.4 BFT Recent Fishery Trends
13a.5 Maine ATCA Proposed Rule Presentation
13a.6 Share Spring 2021 AP Presentation
13a.7 Swordfish and Shark Retention Limit Final Management Measures Presentation
13a.8 The Endangered Species Act (ESA) Listing Process and Shortfin Mako Shark Presentation
13a.9 Electronic Technology (ET) Implementation Plan (2021 2025) Presentation
13a.10 2021 HMS Fisheries Economic Situation Report
13a.11 USCG Fisheries Enforcement Overview
13a.12 HMS Recreational Roundtable

ICCAT Advisory Panel

13b.1 Draft Agenda IAC May 2021
13b.2 ICCAT 2020 U.S. Delegation Report
13b.3 ICCAT 2020 U.S. Delegation Report, Bluefin Excerpts
13b.4 BFT MSE Quick Reference Guide
13b.5 SCRS Research Activities and U.S. Participation
13b.6 Federal Register Notice, Shortfin Mako
13b.7 Draft April 2021 IAC Webinar Agenda