Management Status - Updated

1. Staff Presentation 

2. Scallop AP and Committee Meeting Motions - June 14 & June 16, 2021

3. Committee recommendations for 2022/2023 Scallop RSA Priorities 

4. 2021 Scallop Work Priorities
a. Evaluation of Rotational Management - Project Overview
b. Scallop Survey Working Group TORs

5. Petition for rulemaking to implement a leasing program for the LA component
a. Scallopers Campaign letter to NMFS requesting secretarial action (1/15/2021)
b. NMFS letter to NEFMC re: Scallopers Campaign petition (3/10/2021)
c. Scallopers Campaign letter in response to NMFS letter to NEFMC (5/4/2021)
d. Draft response from NEFMC to NMFS/GARFO re: petition - Updated

6. Correspondence