Framework Adjustment 65 includes: (1) a revised rebuilding plan for Gulf of Maine cod; (2) 2023-2024 total allowable catches (TACs) for U.S./Canada shared resources on Georges Bank; (3) 2023-2024 specifications for Georges Bank yellowtail flounder and Georges Bank cod including a catch target for the recreational fishery; (4) 2023-2025 specifications for 14 additional groundfish stocks; (5) temporary removal of the sector management uncertainty buffer for Gulf of Maine haddock and white hake; and (6) a temporary modification to commercial accountability measures for Georges Bank cod.

Framework 65 Final Rule - August 18, 2023

Framework 65 Proposed Rule - May 31, 2023

Framework 65 Final Submission - April 17, 2023

Appendix I- SSC Reports

Appendix II - Calculations of ACLs

Appendix III - ABC Projections

Appendix IV - GB Haddock sub ACL Herring Review

Appendix V - Groundfish Bycatch Other Fisheries

Appendix VI - Risk Policy Matrix

Appendix VII - Biological Impacts GB Cod