Framework Adjustment 65 includes: (1) a revised rebuilding plan for Gulf of Maine cod; (2) 2023-2024 total allowable catches (TACs) for U.S./Canada shared resources on Georges Bank; (3) 2023-2024 specifications for Georges Bank yellowtail flounder and Georges Bank cod including a catch target for the recreational fishery; (4) 2023-2025 specifications for 14 additional groundfish stocks; (5) temporary removal of the sector management uncertainty buffer for Gulf of Maine haddock and white hake; and (6) a temporary modification to commercial accountability measures for Georges Bank cod.

The final rule also contains emergency measures to increase the fishing year 2023 catch limit for Gulf of Maine haddock from the level proposed in Framework 65.

Framework 65 Final Rule and Emergency Action for Gulf of Maine Haddock - August 18, 2023

Framework 65 Proposed Rule - May 31, 2023

Framework 65 Final Submission - April 17, 2023

Appendix I- SSC Reports

Appendix II - Calculations of ACLs

Appendix III - ABC Projections

Appendix IV - GB Haddock sub ACL Herring Review

Appendix V - Groundfish Bycatch Other Fisheries

Appendix VI - Risk Policy Matrix

Appendix VII - Biological Impacts GB Cod