This framework would: 1) set fishing year 2024-2025 total allowable catches for the U.S./Canada management units of Eastern Georges Bank cod, Eastern Georges Bank haddock, and Georges Bank yellowtail flounder; 2) set fishing year 2024-2025 specifications for Gulf of Maine haddock, Georges Bank yellowtail flounder, and white hake; 3) set fishing year 2024-2026 specifications for redfish, northern windowpane flounder, and southern windowpane flounder; 4) remove the management uncertainty buffer for sectors for white hake and Gulf of Maine haddock until the next specifications cycle if the at-sea monitoring target coverage rate is set at 90% or greater; 5) modify the trigger for implementing accountability measures for Atlantic halibut for commercial fisheries; and 6) temporarily modify the accountability measure implementation policy for Atlantic sea scallops for the Georges Bank yellowtail flounder stock.

Framework 66 Final Rule - May 2, 2024

Framework 66 Proposed Rule - Comments due April 8, 2024

Framework 66 Final Submission – February 16, 2024

Appendix I: Scientific and Statistical Committee Feedback on White Hake Rebuilding Strategies and Recommendations for Groundfish Stocks FY2024– FY2026

Appendix II: Calculation of Northeast Multispecies Annual Catch Limits FY2024– FY2026

Appendix III: ABC Projection Output

Appendix IV: Groundfish Bycatch in Other Fisheries

Appendix V: Risk Policy Matrices for Groundfish Stocks

Appendix VI: White Hake Recruitment Contract Work