Volumes I-VI were submitted to NMFS GARFO on September 6, 2016 and are currently undergoing review.

OHA2 Decision Letter: NMFS to NEFMC (January 3, 2018)

Notice of Availability (October 6, 2017)

170327 NEFMC to GARFO - Deeming Regulations

Volume I - Executive summary, Background and purpose, and Description of the affected environment
Volume II - EFH and HAPC Designation Alternatives and Environmental Impacts
Volume III - Spatial management alternatives including preferred alternatives and considered but rejected alternatives
Volume IV - Environmental impacts of spatial management alternatives on habitat, human community, and protected resources
Volume V - Environmental impacts of spatial management alternatives on managed resources and fisheries
Volume VI - Cumulative effects, compliance and applicable law, and references
Appendix A - EFH designation methodologies
Appendix B - EFH supplementary tables, prey species information, and spawning information
Appendix C - EFH designation map representations as approved in June 2007, with corrections
Appendix D - The Swept Area Seabed Impact (SASI) approach: a tool for analyzing the effects of fishing on Essential Fish Habitat
Appendix E - Synopsis of Closed Area Technical Team analysis of juvenile groundfish habitats and groundfish spawning areas
Appendix F - Modeling juvenile Atlantic cod and yellowtail flounder abundance on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine using 2-stage generalized additive models
Appendix G - Nonfishing impacts to Essential Fish Habitat
Volume H - Prey Vulnerability
Volume I - Information to Support Updates to Winter Flounder EFH Designations

Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 Public Comments and Hearing Summaries