Management Status

1. Staff Presentation

2. Draft Scallop Framework 29
a. FW29 Decision Document
b. Draft Framework 29 economic analysis

3. Scallop Framework 29 Action plan

4. Memo from Scallop PDT to Scallop Committee re: Evaluation of Projected Flatfish Catch in Framework 29 (November 22, 2017)

5. Memo from Scallop PDT to SSC re: OFL and ABC values for 2018 and 2019 (default)

6. Recent Meeting Summaries
a. October 25, 2017 Joint Scallop AP/PDT meeting summary
b. October 26, 2017 Scallop Committee meeting summary
c. November 9, 2017 Scallop PDT meeting summary
d. November 29, 2017 Scallop Advisory Panel meeting motions
e. November 30, 2017 Scallop Committee meeting motions

7. Draft Appendix on Development of Scallop Fishery Flatfish AMs

8. Correspondence

See Groundfish Status Sheet for the following memos re: flatfish catch estimates:

3g. Council staff memo re Scallop fishery catch of CC/GOM yellowtail flounder

3h. Scallop PDT memo to Groundfish PDT re Scallop fishery bycatch projections for FY2018